Hi, I'm Paul Tustain, your editor. 

In case you're interested ('though I doubt you are) here is a bit of background on me and this site.

I trained in computers and worked for six years as an equity analyst in London. Then I spent four years in systems for financial risk measurement, regulation, and settlement.

In 1990 I founded a software business which developed systems for administering electronic equity and bond trading. Our main product was widely used in Europe to communicate with and instruct CREST, which is the biggest of Europe's central depositories for equities, similar to America's DTC. I still retain about 20% of that business, but these days I have little day-to-day involvement with it.

But my good fortune there gave me an investment problem - a difficulty in finding any financial product which is worth more than it costs - and this led me to gold. What has amazed me is how gold excites the emotions to the point where commentators seem unable to produce objective analysis, particularly on the internet.

I decided to try to fill that objectivity gap.  The result is this site - the product of a computer background, an assiduous investor's interest, a bit too much time, and a good look at the facts, figures and arguments about gold and money.  I hope you find it useful, but if you don't I would really appreciate your ideas as to how to improve it.

I have made everything here free - even the real time price charting which believe me has been tough!

Thanks for coming, and good luck with gold.

Paul Tustain - October 2003.

PS. If you want to email me would you please choose the appropriate address from my contact details page ...

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