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The babysitting syndicate. This article is simply about the nature of modern money. How it's run, what can go wrong with it, and why economists like it in its current form. It has something important to say about the abuse of economic statistics as well. [Read the article]

The useless hose. With thanks due to Warren Buffet's dad for a speech he made in 1948. The point of this article is to explain the close relationship between money and constitutional liberty. For 60 years we have enjoyed more liberty than societies normally allow, which is an historical oddity that is now being eroded, returning us to the long run average. This article explains the process of erosion, and how to continue to enjoy the privilege of liberty in a world which is taking it away. [Read the article]

The true measurement of inflation.  This article examines the way we are hoodwinked into not noticing the rapid rate at which our savings are being devalued.  It explains how the low inflation targets of 2-3% are achieved, and how little they mean. [Read the article]

The Maginot line. We distrust insurance products and the long term creditworthiness of most of their suppliers. But we are interested in risk - in particular when people fail to see the real risks that threaten their futures. This article exposes a danger in almost everyone's investment thinking. It quantifies that danger and proposes a way to mitigate its risk sensibly - without buying insurance. [Read the article]

Economic central heating. This is a longer article with many important points, so you need to be comfortable. Its best bits are:-

Dead cats and live rabbits. This article is about the psychology of successful investing. It warns about trying to be too clever. We believe that it really is possible to take a considered view on the right side of a long term trend and have great success. Here we're just pointing out the traps the unwary fall into and trying to help people recognise them and avoid them. [Read the article]

Electrostatics and hyperinflation. The one is about hyperinflation. The economic commentators who say inflation is dead have not been looking at tangible asset prices (don't include stocks in that class) and the methods of RPI reporting. We go out on a limb and say that not mere inflation but hyperinflation is where the US is heading. Every time we see a dollar or a pound we want to get rid of it - fast. This explains why - and what it means for the future. [Read the article]

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