You can search directly for the answer to a specific question but we recommend you browse.  Information is arranged as readable articles which, accessed in sequence, will build you a good picture of gold and its market.

These are the main sections :-

The fundamental properties - physical & chemical properties, abundance, extraction methods, weights & measures, useful conversion tables.

Is gold money ? - practicality of use of gold as a form of money.

Monetary episodes from history - Descriptions of monetary systems of various types explaining what went right and what went wrong.  Some entertaining financial mishaps.

Commodity ratios - the key numbers - statistics of total gold supply, comparisons of the world's gold with other stores of value, who owns all the world's gold, supply side characteristics etc.

Production and consumption - tables of annual production, consumption, geographic breakdown, and explanation of how the supply side shortage is made up

Introduction to trading - issues regarding trading physical gold.  Getting to know how the market works.

Keep it safe - critical issues for gold investors in arranging that their gold is not lost to financial trickery or confiscation.

Trading gold futures - How the futures market works.  The hidden costs and risks of trading futures.

How to buy gold - Lists the advantages and disadvantages, and estimates the trading costs, for 7 different ways to buy gold.

Other things to know - Information which gold investors should understand but which didn't fit anywhere else.  Explanations of producer hedging, the gold 'carry' trade, GATA and the alleged gold conspiracy, and the Washington Agreement.

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